WWE and Branding for Celebrities

The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is the entertaining and dramatized version of wrestling. With its celebrities dressing up in elaborate outfits and using props. Fans love the exaggerated version of not only wrestling but the drama that comes along with its wrestlers.

For fighters like Ronda Rousey, it’s changed her career completely. Alongside her fighting career she has also featured in three movies. In 2004, she qualified for the Athens Olympics and at the next games in Beijing, she won a bronze medal in judo. Rousey began her MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) career in 2010. Two years into her MMA career she became the bantamweight champion and was signed to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and was named its first female champion. In 2015 she was voted in an ESPN poll as the best female athlete ever before her knockout in November to Holly Holm. This is what ultimately led her to join the WWE and begin her career as an entertainment fighter. Rousey went from being a very respected and talked about woman fighter to being a respected fighter in the entertainment industry.

Being respected in the WWE isn’t a bad thing. For some fighters, it has also accelerated their careers. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson began his career as a fighter following his college football career in 1996. Which ultimately led to his career as an actor in 2002 starring in his first movie, “The Scorpion King.” He continues to make casual appearances in wrestling starting again in 2011. He continues to create popular films, including his award in 2015 as the top-grossing actor.

The difference between Johnson and Rousey is that Johnson used his fighting to further his career and continue to be in the spotlight. And Rousey may have continued her career but has completely fallen out of the spotlight that she used to be in. The WWE has completely changed two peoples brands in different ways. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was able to use his wrestling to create a new career and brand as an actor. He has created a brand for himself, especially using the “Fast and the Furious” series. While Ronda Rousey may have continued her career as a celebrity but not with the same status she had while she was a UFC and MMA champion.

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