Is The Winter Weather Affecting Sports?

All over the country there have been winter weather advisories. Normally, winter weather only hits certain parts of the country. But this year, the whole country has been affected.

In January of 2019, right before the AFC Championship, Kansas City temperatures dropped to the 20s. While both the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs are used to these frigid temperatures, AccuWeather said that throughout the game it would feel like it was in the upper single digits and teens.

Although the weather has yet to affect travel plans for NBA teams, the possibility that it can affect travel plans is still in the cards. There are expected winter and snow storms throughout the country that could affect future schedules. If snowfall gets worse, teams might not be able to travel to their away games, which causes problems for the whole season. Aside from professional teams, this has affected many high school teams as well. In Wisconsin, high school teams are having to reschedule games causing athletic directors scrambling to find dates and create new schedules for their teams.

The entire winter season has caused for sports to change, from football games being below freezing temperatures and winter storms affecting transportation to away games.

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