There are so many professional athletes that have built an incredible personal and professional brand. LeBron James is an athlete that has used his platform to speak out about current issues in our world.

In August of 2018, LeBron James and Maverick Carter are two of the executive producers for the HBO show, The Shop. James and Carter created a digital media company, Uninterrupted, and partnered with HBO Sports to produce The Shop.

The Shop is a show that travels around the country and sets up in barber shops with big names in sports and entertainment including, James Harden, Odell Beckham Jr., Snoop Dogg, Draymond Green, and Jon Stewart. The show was created to offer viewers with a barber shop experience that provides “a sanctuary for free-flowing and spirited discussions.” Conversations cover a variety of topics and give an insight to what these big names feel and have experienced throughout their lifetimes. James says, “The Shop is why we created Uninterrupted. Anyone who has been in a real barbershop, like the ones where I grew up, knows why this can be so incredible.”

Another opportunity that LeBron James used, was the series ROLLING WITH THE CHAMPION, on the Uninterrupted YouTube channel. The series is hosted by Cari Champion where she talks about various topics with professional athletes. LeBron James and Kevin Durant were featured on an episode together where they discussed race and what they feel when it comes to social and political issues like Donald Trump and visiting the White House as a championship team. James spoke on issues around the President and politics saying, “This is not the way.”

James has created such a huge name for his brand, that he has allowed himself to use his voice to speak on these issues. He does this not only for himself but also for the people in our country that aren’t heard and aren’t regarded. Durant talks about how his trade to the Golden State Warriors allowed for him to find his voice, and find empowering people in a great way.

Having this platform to speak from, creates more than just a professional athlete brand. It shows people that they are more than just basketball players, they have created a bigger brand for themselves. Uninterrupted is just one example of how LeBron James has a brand that is more than just his social media and career as a basketball player.

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